Ellen Benham Science Centre

Project Client
Walford Anglican School

The Benham Science Laboratory upgrade included the renovation of five laboratories to allow Walford Anglican School for Girls to offer leading edge 21st century learning strategies and environments for chemistry, physics and biology.

The lab design is based on a sensitive balance between functionality, optimal teacher guidance and flexibility to support a diversity of group and individual learning needs. The design achieves this by providing strategically placed services ‘pods’ (providing water and gas) and adaptable loose furniture student work desks, which can be arranged to suit different learning approaches.

The interior design features wall and ceiling cladding in the central laboratory areas with carefully controlled acoustic conditions. These features are a key design element of the laboratories and create a strong and calm focus point for young scientists to excel.

In line with Walford’s motto, written by Miss Benham; “Virtute et Veritate” (with Courage and Truth) the science labs were designed with this in mind. Students are challenged to think for themselves, to develop the courage to hypothesise, investigate and search for the truth.