About Us


Matthews Architects is an Adelaide based Architecture and Interior Design firm. Since our formation in 1975 we have worked locally, nationally and internationally on a diverse range of project types.

When designers are equipped with varied expertise rather than singular specialization there is a cross-pollination of ideas that occurs, enhancing our team’s ability to create and deliver innovative outcomes. We understand the economic parameters of our projects and are therefore able to offer intelligent value-focused design advice.

We have developed our approach based on three core values: Continuity, Agility & Imagination.


We believe the best project outcomes are delivered when the same individual leads the project from start to finish. The continuity we offer clients improves communication, ensures a strong sense of ownership and engagement as well as providing greater project efficiencies. Matthews Architects achieves this level of continuity because we foster the comprehensive skill development of all our professional staff.


The Agility of our team allows us to rapidly adapt to challenges and opportunities. It also makes us more responsive. We actively maintain our agility through research and seeking out diverse project experiences.


Our third core value of Imagination is the crux of our professional purpose. It is our ability to generate inspiring and inventive project outcomes that ultimately makes us valuable to our clients. Imagination is the means to solve problems, but it is also the skill that turns them into opportunities. We encourage our architects to improve the project outcome by drawing on their diverse experiences to come up with creative solutions. Whether or not imagination can be taught, it can certainly be nurtured and cultivated.